Album Review: I See You by The xx

Beach Housethe-xx-i-see-you

Starting off 2017’s newest musical offerings with I See You will leave you simultaneously calm and wide-eyed. The third studio album from alt indie/dream pop trio, The xx, is a 10 track record with 39 minutes of their familiar lush, moody compositions. As per usual, Romy and Oliver’s soft, organic vocals over hypnotic beats give the listener an opportunity to vibe out and chill. This is crucial for many of us, as the year is beginning with a stressful new presidency. However, the experience is also sprinkled with bright energetic moments to keep you alert and focused on your feelings. Unlike other forms of “relaxing” music, you’re going to stay engaged during I See You. Star tracks include horn-heavy opener “Dangerous,” lyrically poetic “Replica,” and hella dancey “On Hold.” If you liked anything from their debut or sophomore, you should give this record  a spin. And if you’re unfamiliar with the band all together, hold yourself to that New Year’s resolution and try something different. You won’t regret it.

At a glance: 3.5/5

Listen if you like: Beach House, Crystal Castles, Local Natives, and Young Turks record label

Skip to the star tracks: “Dangerous,” “Replica,” “On Hold,” and “I Dare You”


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